The Dreamers -Live at Utopia [email protected] Northbridge

LIVE – 26 AUG 2018 3:30pm – 5pm
Music brings us all together, join the Dreamers sing out your dreams this Sunday! FREE ADMISSION, SHARE and TAG your mates!
The Dreamers (26/8/18)星期日下午3點30將會在Utopia Northbridge 舉行一場小型音樂會,希望你來參與 (免費入場)
Here you go The Dreamers will be performing Live at Utopia this Sunday 26th Aug 2018 from 3:30 to 5pm at Utopia Level2, 109 James Street, Northbridge proudly brought to you by Aus World Travel & Utopia. Free Admission for all Music Lovers

Please help yourself to buy a Bubble Tea and find a nice angle chair to sit back & relax to watch the show
The Dreamers 唱出夢想 – 柏斯華人樂隊 – Perth Chinese Band
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