To our Beginnings

From our humble beginnings more than 20 years ago, UTOPIA has persisted in spreading the refreshing experience of drinking freshly brewed Bubble Tea to everyone willing to give it a go.

In the early days it was a struggle to educate the masses in the mystical arts of the Bubble Tea, but to see how widely accepted and enjoyable our famous Bubble Tea has become, it has been worth every step of the journey. 🌱

Our Story

The UTOPIA brand was established in 2001 and is the original purveyor of Bubble Tea that’s responsible for starting the Bubble Tea craze that you now see in Perth today!

We are a family owned local business, formed by a most loving couple, we have always set our hearts on growing with our incredible community, contributing and bringing about a home that is inclusive to all and encourages happiness and connection. We want to provide a warm place that joins in on the celebrations, holds your hand during the tough and walks with you every step on one's own personal journey

As we grew over the years, we distilled a guiding principle that has endured to this day;

“To continuously strive in our passion to deliver only the best tasting Bubble Tea using the healthiest and freshest ingredients to YOU, our valued customer!”

We believe that YOU can taste the difference, and we hope to deliver only the best from the first sip down to the very last drop! 
That is why we have worked so hard to create a brand that YOU can get behind and a taste that comforts the soul. 


  • Belonging

    We care about creating and bringing about a safe and loving home that encourages togetherness, fun, accepting all people and celebrating all our differences. We wish to build connections through our love of boba and being a place that supports one another.

  • Quality

    We are committed to striving for continuous quality in all aspects of our operations; from the quality of our drinks, the high standards of our cakes, ensuring sourcing fresh ingredients and delivering on exceptional customer service.

  • Passion

    Our journey since 2001 has been established from a burning passion and overwhelming desire and love to present to the world the joy of bubble tea. We aspire to continuously create and improve on delivering delicious and exciting new sweets to experience.

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What makes us Special?

1. UTOPIA is 100% Western Australian owned and operated!

2. At UTOPIA we have honed our skills in preparing our proprietary in-house natural sugar made 100% from Australian brown sugar with no added preservatives or additives. It is this process that gives our Bubble Tea its unique taste and aroma.

3. At UTOPIA all tea flavoured Bubble Tea is made with freshly brewed tea that’s made to order.

4. UTOPIA Pastries are made with quality ingredients and fresh cream, creative sweet creations that delights your loved ones.

At UTOPIA we hold ourselves to a high standard as we believe in giving only the best, and bringing joy, love, and comfort with our creations, trusting that this is how the world can move towards creating a UTOPIA on Earth, one lovingly made Bubble Tea at a time.