Birthday Cakes and Pastries

All of our birthday cakes and pastries are made fresh in-house every day delivered to all stores for you to enjoy and experience our real and delicious sweet treats!

  • F24 - Bubble Tea 

    Chocolate Sponge, Brown Sugar Mascarpone & Crystal Jelly 

  • F40 - Sheep

    Vanilla Sponge, Strawberry Jelly, Custard, Mascarpone & Strawberry Jam 

  • F35 - Unicorn

    Vanilla Sponge, Custard & Strawberry Jam

  • F5 - Fruit Party

    Vanilla Sponge, Fruit Salad & Vanilla Cream 

  • F24 - Purple Dream

    Vanilla Sponge, Custard 

    & Taro Mascarpone Paste 

  • F11 - Black Forest

    Chocolate Sponge & Blueberry Jam 

  • F26 - Enchanted Forest

    Chocolate Sponge, Pear & Vanilla cream 

  • F38 - Fortune Cat

    Vanilla Sponge, Blueberry Jam, Mascarpone & Custard 

  • F30 - Rainbow

    Rainbow Sponges, Mascarpone, Custard and Lemon Juice 

  • Honey Sponge

    Honey, egg, flour.

  • Creme Pikelets

    Pikelets with deliciouscustard cream filling in between.

  • Black Forest

    Chocolate Sponge, Blue berry Jam

  • Choc Cheese

    Chocolate, cream cheese.

  • Choc Mousse

    Mousse, cocoa powder, hazelnut syrup.

  • Choco Tiger Skin

    Chocolate sponge, cocoa powder.

  • Fruit Party

    Vanilla Sponge, fruit Salad, Vanilla cream

  • Golden Strawberry

    Strawberry sponge, fresh cream.

  • Light Cheese Cake

    Cream cheese.

  • Maple Swiss

    Maple sponge, fresh cream and honey.

  • Mini Green Tea

    Green tea songe, italian butter cream, red bean.

  • Mini Milky Cow

    Milk, flour, egg, sugar, coulouring, cream cheese, custard

  • Mini Taro

    Taro sponge, italian butter cream,taro paste.

  • Mini Tiger

    Milk, flour, egg, sugar, custard, colouring, real mango.

  • Purple Dream

    Vanilla Sponge, Taro mascarpone paste, and custard

  • Rainbow

    Rainbow Sponges, Mascarpone, custard and Lemon juice

  • Tiramisu

    Coffee, mascarpone cheese, non-alcoholic champagne.