Birthday Cakes and Pastries

All of our birthday cakes and pastries are made fresh in-house every day delivered to all stores for you to enjoy and experience our real and delicious sweet treats!

  • F5 Fruit Party

    Layered with light Vanilla Sponge filled with Egg pudding and fruit salad. Topped with a wide range of fruits.

  • F7 Pandora

    Decadent and rich chocolate cake with Chocolate layered Sponge filled with Egg Pudding and Blueberry paste.

  • F11 Black Forest

    Chocolate layered sponge with fresh cream and blueberry Jam between the layers, covered with shaved chocolate, more fresh cream and topped with real cherries.

  • F24 Purple Dream

    Vanilla sponge layered with fresh cream and custard pudding mixed real Taro paste between the layers as well as a taro flavoured cream around the exterior.

  • F26 Enchanted Forest

    Chocolate sponge layered cake with custard pudding, also filled with cut up pears, almonds and hazelnut. Covered with a light layer of chocolate sauce and fresh cream.

  • F27 Wonderful Luck

    Chocolate layered sponge cake filled with custard, custard pudding, dark cherries and maple syrup. Wrapped with fresh cream and decorated with fresh fruits.

  • F33 Coco

    An exceptionally crafted baby chick with chocolate wings and feet. Filled with layered chocolate sponge, oreo cookies, custard and cream. 

  • F34 Bluey

    Filled with a Chocolate layered sponge, chocolate pudding, chocolate custard and caramel syrup between the layers.

  • F35 Unicorn

    Hand crafted creamy swirls and delicious layers of custard and strawberry jam between the light vanilla sponges. The cake comes with an ice cream cone for its horn and chocolate ears.

  • F37 Cherry Blossom Teapot

    Layered with Chocolate pudding, Chocolate Custard and real Cherries between layers of Vanilla Sponge. Perfectly elegant and divine!

  • F38 Fortune Cat

    Filled with Vanilla Sponge with Egg Pudding, Mascarpone, Custard, and Blueberry Jam between the layers. 

  • F30 Rainbow

    A multi layered colourful sponge cake filled with creamy and light Mascarpone and hints of fresh lemon juice to balance its sweetness.

  • F39 Coola

    Comprised of soft Chocolate sponge, Oreo cookie filling and slight caramel, this cake is a delicious favourite and a new addition to our range of adorable, yummy cakes! 🐨

  • Mini Leopard

    Sponge roll with fresh brewed coffee, a hint of caramel, creamy custard and crunchy chocolate beads.

  • Mini Tiger

    Sponge roll with real mangos and creamy custard, a refreshing sweet treat.

  • Mini Milky Cow

    Sponge roll with light cream cheese and delicious custard.

  • Mini Taro

    Taro sponge roll with fluffy italian buttercream and sweet taro paste, a favourite dessert of many.

  • Maple Swiss Roll

    Maple sponge with fresh cream and hints of sweet honey.

  • Mini Green Tea

    Green tea roll accompanied with fresh cream and red beans, a combo made in heaven.

  • Brown Sugar Pudding

    Delicious pudding topped with brown sugar pearls.

  • Tiramisu

    Layers of mascarpone cheese, fresh brewed coffee and non-alcoholic champagne, a creamy sweet for all.

  • Chocolate Muffin

    Fudgy and soft, this cake staple is made with thickened cream and sweet cocoa.

  • Blueberry Muffin

    Springy and delicious, this yummy treat contains blueberry jam, a tart and sweet treat.

  • Honey Sponge

    A simple yet delicious sponge dessert for all those who aren't looking for something too sweet.

  • Chocolate Cheese

    A perfect combo of chocolate and cream cheese, addicting and delicious.

  • Rainbow

    A colourful sponge treat with marscapone and custard, balanced nicely with a little zing of lemon

  • Black Forest

    Smaller version of the German classic Black Forest cake, with chocolate sponge, cream and juicy dark cherries.

  • Chocolate Mousse

    Decadent, chocolatey and soft, this sweet mousse cake melts in your mouth.

  • Light Cheesecake

    Perfect for any occassion, the light cheesecake is our take on the fluffy Japanese cheese cake.

  • Baby Cheese Cake

    A small version of the light cheesecake, not too sweet and perfectly soft.

  • Golden Strawberry

    Mouth-watering strawberry sponge with light fresh cream.

  • Chocolate Tiger

    Fudgy and flavourful chocolate sponge with cocoa and sweet cream.

  • Pandan Chiffon Cake

    Soft and spongey cake with fresh pandan juice.

  • Marble Chiffon Cake

    Fluffy sponge cake with hints of vanilla essence and chocolate ganache swirled in.

  • Creme Pikelets

    Soft mini pikelets with custard cream sandwhiched in between.

  • Egg Tarts

    Delicious flaky crust with sweet and creamy buttermilk, evaporated milk, and that egg-y goodness inside.

  • Mini Smiley Face

    Soft cake filled with fluffy and light chocolate cream, chocolate paste and hints of honey.