Bubble Teas

Our Tea range is all freshly made to order with premium quality tea imported from Taiwan.

Here's a few general faves if you're unsure c;

Our most beloveded drinks that is highly recommended if this is your first time drinking bubble tea or you want to try something different!

Check out the rest below:

  • Hot Chocolate Latte

    Hot chocolate latte topped with toasted marshmallow fluff

  • Hot Matcha Latte

    Hot matcha latte topped with toasted marshmallow fluff

  • Hot Biscoff Latte

    Hot biscoff latte topped with toasted marshmallow fluff

  • Pineapple Green Tea

    Sweet pineapple combined with refreshing green tea, perfect for the hot weather.

  • Pineapple Passionfruit Green Tea

    Sweet pineapple with a hint of sour and crunch of passionfruit gives it an extra kick!

  • Pineapple Coconut Snow

    Sweet and refreshing pineapple coconut snow.

  • Bubblegum Milk Tea

    A milky, decadent flavour reminiscent of lollies and sweet treats. The perfect drink to sweeten up your day.

  • Peach Blossom

    Life’s peachy with this sweet delight! The perfect combination of floral and fruity notes.

  • Snowy Peach Blossom

    Crushed peach and ice - a sweet and refreshing drink to cool you down in the warmer seasons.

  • Peach Lychee Blossom

    Floral and fruity with real lychee pieces! This delicious combination will surely put a smile on your face.

  • Oolong Tea

    A subtle floral and strong drink with roasty hints to the tea. Beautiful and flavourful.

  • Green Tea

    Delightful, oceanic and slightly nutty, it is a delicious bittersweet classic.

  • Earl Grey Tea

    A mix of black tea with hints of a citrusy essence, a well known and widely loved flavour.

  • Premium Jasmine Tea

    Delicate, sweet and slightly floral, this tea is refreshing and is suitable when you need something that is light.

  • Rose Tea

    Fragrant and floral, this drink is deliciously sweet and smoky.

  • Summer Love Tea

    This tea comes from its violet flowers, with, as the name suggests, blooms in the summer season. A great pick on any day out.

  • Winter Love Tea

    Our lovely tea derived from osmanthus flowers, the name originating from its bloom in the winter season.

  • Honey Tea

    Our slightly sweet honey tea, fresh and tempting.

  • Original Milk Tea

    Our classic black milk tea, the perfect balance between sweet and bitter.

  • Utopia Milk Tea

    Creamy and sweet, this is our take on the Thai milk tea, a vanilla black milk tea goodness.

  • Taiwan Milk Tea

    A creamier, sweeter version of the original milk tea

  • Oolong Milk Tea

    A milky addition of the strong and quality tasting chinese tea.

  • Green Milk Tea

    A thicker, creamier taste with milk added to our ever-pleasant green tea.

  • Matcha Milk Tea

    Our matcha milk is irresistable to drink with a natural flavour and a sweet nuttiness harmoniously combined.

  • Premium Jasmine Milk Tea

    A milky take on the florally, dainty premium jasmine tea, silky and delicious.

  • Earl Grey Milk Tea

    A type of black tea with tones of citrus and velvety milk added to create a slightly sweeter version of the tea.

  • Rose Milk Tea

    Graceful and sharp, this floral drink includes a milk version of the tea, nice and pleasing.

  • Salted Caramel Milk Tea

    Thick with a sugary caremalised taste paired with its sharp tinge of salt to cut down on the sweetness.

  • Summer Love Milk Tea

    These violet flowers are sweetened and creamy with milk added into the mix.

  • Winter Love Milk Tea

    Flowers that bloom in the winter are combined with milk to create a delightful drink.

  • Honey Milk Tea

    Honey and milk tea make for a bursting caramel-like, citrus and creamy goodness.

  • Chocolate Milk

    Decadent and addicting, we use our one of a kind chocolate to provide for a quality rich and earthy flavour.

  • Milo

    How could we forget about one of Australia's most iconic foods? Delicious and chocolatey, this drink will melt in your mouth.

  • Brown Sugar Fresh Milk

    The classic sweet and creamy brown sugar drink with boba pearls, appetizing and suitable for any day.

  • Utopia Brulee

    Similar to the brown sugar fresh milk, this drink adds an additional cheese latte topping on top, torched with sugar, to please any sweets lover.

  • Brown Sugar Soy

    A vegan take on the classic brown sugar, adding in that soy to give the drink a creamy, natural, sweet flavour.

  • Brown Sugar Matcha

    Sweet brown sugar and matcha provide for the top tier balance between sweet and bitter, a combo that harmonises in your mouth.

  • Brown Sugar Coffee

    Brown sugar and coffee is for those who love a sweet treat with a boost of that extra caffeine to stay energised and joyous.

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  • Ice Coffee Milk

    Milky and bitter, the classic kind of coffee for your regular boost of energy.

  • Hazelnut Iced Coffee

    Sweet and bitter, it makes for the most delicious balance, for all those sweet tooths that need that hit of caffeine.

  • Salted Caramel Iced Coffee

    Another combo of sweet and bitter, a glazed sugary flavour with that hint of salt with coffee.

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  • Apple Green Tea

    Nice and refreshing, this sweet drink is perfect for the summer and will keep you smiling all day.

  • Mixed Berries Tea

    Fruity and yummy, a drink that is sweet, tart and slightly aromatic, a perfect blend of the best.

  • Purple Dream Tea

    Rose tea base with our sweet, smoky grape flavour, a combination that fits together seamlessly.

  • Passionfruit Tea

    Tart, sweet and crunchy, this drink hits all the right ways, bursting with flavour.

  • Lychee Tea

    Perfectly sweet and bright, this drink is always a popular and delicious pick.

  • Lemon Green Tea

    This sour citrus is mellowed when added to our light green tea, resulting in that healthy, and refreshing balance.

  • Plum Green Tea

    Sweet and sour, with tanginess and full of rich flavour, adding a real plum fruit in every drink.

  • Mango Green Tea

    That mouthul of fresh mango and sweet green tea, is pure and a family favourite.

  • Strawberry Tea

    With real strawberries and fresh brewed tea, this drink is sweet together with hints of bitterness and delicious goodness.

  • Blackcurrant Fruit Tea

    Earthy, berry and sweet, this drink is tangy and perfectly juicy.

  • California Mixed Fruit Tea

    Our tropical fruit flavours with green tea is fruity, refreshing, and a reminder to the fun memories in the summer time.

  • Honeydew Milk Tea

    Nectarous sweet and soft, this flavour is a nostalgic classic and an all time favourite.

  • Purple Taro Milk Tea

    Creamy and thick, this drink taste like a sweet, buttery and slightly nutty flavour, a pretty purple that you won't regret trying.

  • Fresh Taro Milk Tea

    A thicker version of the purple taro, the drink uses the natural sweetness of real taro and possesses a mellow nutty flavour.

  • Hazelnut Milk Tea

    Our hazelnut milk leans on the sweeter side of flavour that maintains the musty and nutty taste of real hazelnuts.

  • Lychee Milk Tea

    Mildly floral and sweet, this drink is creamy and juicy, the milky version of the lychee tea.

  • Mango Green Milk Tea

    Mango and milk creates for an icecream like fruity drink that is dreamy and refreshing.

  • Strawberry Milk Tea

    Natural and sweet, this drink becomes a creamy, speckled dream that is well balanced and yum.

  • Coconut Milk Tea

    A slight vanilla and wood-y taste, the coconut and milk pairs for a velvety sweet treat.

  • Wintermelon Milk Tea

    A cool and refreshing fruit with sweet milk works flawlessly to create a sweet, pleasing drink.

  • Peach Tea

    Our pleasant peach tea is invigorating and sweet (and comes as a milk tea version as well).

  • Peach Lychee

    Peach tea with lychee comes with real lychee pieces, a combo perfect for any day.

  • Peach Mango

    Peach and mango offers for a fresh and sweet fruit blend, tango-y and irresistable.

  • Peach Passionfruit

    Peach and passionfruit matches deliciously together, possessing a sweet start and ending with a modest sour aftertaste, balancing the pair.

  • Peach Tropicana

    Sweet peach tea paired with tropical fruit flavour to boost your mood and get you in that relaxing cool zone.

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  • Butterfly Pea Passionfruit & Kumquat

    Butterfly pea tea provides for a subtle wood-y taste, along with its strong passionfruit and kumquat components to add that sour, crunchy flavour.

  • Butterfly Pea Lychee

    Natural taste from the butterfly pea tea is added to our sweet and bright lychee, a combo like candy and super refreshing.

  • Butterfly Pea Lemon

    Beautiful blue butterfly pea tea mixed with the sour citrus lemon, calls for a healthy, delicious and pure tasting drink.

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  • Grape Snow

    Crushed ice with sweet grape flavour.

  • Lychee Snow

    Sweet lychee slushie.

  • Watermelon Snow

    Crushed watermelon and ice, deliciously refreshing and juicy.

  • Passionfruit Snow

    Hints of sourness and a lot of sweet, this ice drink is perfect for the summer.

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  • Mango Smoothie

    A thick and dairy cold blend, is sweet and ideal for any hot day.

  • Strawberry Smoothie

    Sweet, thick and yum, this smoothie taste like a berry ice cream dream.

  • Banana Smoothie

    Fruity and creamy, this drink is a great one for those who want something refreshing.

  • Chocolate Oreo Smoothie

    Sweet, chocolatey and thick, the oreo cookies give this smoothie a little bit of crunch and is perfect together.

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  • Sago

  • Aloe Vera

  • Egg Pudding

  • Chocolate Pudding

  • Grass Jelly

  • Apple Jelly

  • Grape Jelly

  • Lychee Jelly

  • Rainbow Jelly

  • Coffee Jelly

  • Pop Jelly

  • Crystal Jelly

  • Cheese Latte

  • Red Bean

  • Strawberry Heart Jelly

  • Mango Star Jelly