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500ml_Reusable Bubble Tea Tumbler_V2 (ALSO AVAILABLE IN STORE)

500ml_Reusable Bubble Tea Tumbler_V2 (ALSO AVAILABLE IN STORE)

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Collaborating with a Melbourne base tumbler, Cuppe, has really brought the reusable tumbler game up.  With multi functional use design, high quality and durability Borosilicate Glass while keeping its amazing minimalistic aesthetic   design, makes the tumbler much more joyful and useful to use on a daily basis. 

What's included:
  • Tumbler: Borosilicate Glass (500ml/ 24oz)
  • Straw: Stainless Steel 
  • Brush: Stainless Steel with Nylon Monofilaments
  • Pouch: Cotton
A tumbler, angled tip straw, straw brush and pouch.



  • First Fill is not valid for online orders.
  • Save 50 cents on any drinks when tumbler is used at any utopia store. 
  • Terms & Conditions Apply.
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